Battlefield 1 – Review

Battlefield has as a series covered almost every war since it started in World War 2, but as they kept coming to the present, there was one war they never interacted with, The Great War and now with Battlefield 1 that is now covered. The game can be easily split between two distinct game modes the single player campaign and multiplayer and for the first time, both are equally worthy of your time. Starting off with the single player, rather than cover the entire war with a soldier whose luck never seems to run out, the team at DICE rather … Continue reading Battlefield 1 – Review

Mafia 3 – Review

Mafia as a series has always done well, though never spectacular, so after taking a break, the series has returned with a new look, at well everything. This time, you are Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam vet who returns home to New Bordeaux, a city that is basically controlled by one Mafia boss, but at war with other mobs competing to gain control. Lincoln has been recruited by Sal Marcano to join in on a massive heist, but before that he is asked to take over the region that is controlled by his foster/adoptive father and politely refuses, but that is … Continue reading Mafia 3 – Review

PlayStation VR Review

Every few years, the video game industry gets an idea going, that lots of companies jump in on, first it was rumble, in the controllers then people tried to place them in vests. Most recently it was motion control or 3D were everywhere, but for now it is Virtual Reality and while PlayStation VR is not the first to market, it is the first to mass market, but is that enough. Setting up any VR system is an effort in patience, purely because they are not designed in a way that allows for you to look and see how they … Continue reading PlayStation VR Review

Dragon Quest Builders – Review

It has been a few years since Minecraft came out and the world decided that building within a game was fun and people wanted more and while many have attempted to create something that could match the wonder of that game, Dragon Quest Builders is perhaps the most refined and in some cases more advanced version of that formula to date. Here you play as the builder, someone blessed by the Goddess Rubbis, who has the ability to create things and not just according to plan, but to actually discover things as you explore the world. Rubbis explains at the … Continue reading Dragon Quest Builders – Review

Gears of War 4 – Review

When Gears of War 3 completed it story, taking down the locust horde, I did wonder if there was a chance of a 4 and I am not counting Judgement in that, but now that 4 is here, does it live up to the legacy left by the games before it. Gears of War 4 starts off with a sombre recap of the Immulsion War, a glimpse into Emergence Day and finally the day the war ended, which is a nice way to recap the complete story for those that never played the other games, but after it is done … Continue reading Gears of War 4 – Review

Forza Horizon 3 – Review

When the debut trailer for Forza Horizon 3 was shown at E3, my first thought was not about the cars or gameplay, it was purely about the location, Australia. Having spent the last few weeks driving across the game world and experiencing everything, does it meet the tough Australian standard? While Horizon 3 does give you a semblance of a story to follow, It does not have events that change how things play out, its more that as you progress, things can improve. This time, you are not a random racer attempting to be the Horizon champion, something that was … Continue reading Forza Horizon 3 – Review

ReCore – Review

When ReCore was first announced, it seemed that it was a match made in heaven, the creator of Mega Man and the core team behind the Metroid Prime series, however not everything can blend together perfectly. ReCore tells the story of Joule, a girl from Earth, but stuck on the planet of Far Eden, an earth like planet that was set to be terraformed to allow the population of earth a second chance. Due to the distance away, robots were set to get the planet ready, but something went very wrong and now the robots turned from their task and … Continue reading ReCore – Review

Lost Sea – Review

Lost Sea is a new game created by EastAsiaSoft, the core game play involves exploring new areas, solving puzzles and hacking and slashing various enemies which is pretty standard fare for a roguelike style of game. The premise of the game which is explained in the tutorial is that you are a castaway that has escaped the deadly Bermuda Triangle and washed up on an island and in order to escape you must travel from island to collect magical tablets in order to open a portal to get you safely back home, there are no real twists and turns to … Continue reading Lost Sea – Review

The Elder Scrolls Online – Dark Brotherhood Review

When the Elder Scrolls Online first launched, it was missing a lot of things that made it fit within the world of the other games in the series, but as time has passed, more additions have come to it and now the Dark Brotherhood is once again at play in Tamriel. When you add the expansion to your game, you will hear word of a group out in the gold coast who are being secretive and upon arriving there, you meet a young woman who is looking to join the Dark Brotherhood. She tells you that you need to kill … Continue reading The Elder Scrolls Online – Dark Brotherhood Review

Fallout 4 – Contraptions Review

Fallout 4 continues its run of post launch DLC, this time giving players the ability to create some pretty out their contraptions, so those who want more story or locations to discover will be disappointed, this is all about building. What Contraptions allows you to do, above the main game is that you can now automate things, create some interesting machines and go out there with the crazy designs you have. However, right of the bat, there are two big problems with this new batch of items, first is that creating anything other than a ball ramp or two is … Continue reading Fallout 4 – Contraptions Review