Razer Adaro Stereo Headphones – Maxi Geek Review

Whenever you are buying yourself a new set of headphones there are many things you need to take into account. Comfort, sound quality and price. Thankfully the Razer Adaro Stereos tick all those boxes.

The first thing you must always think about when it comes to headphones is how they feel when you are wearing them. If they are in-ear design will they sit in your ears, if they are Circumaural headphones do they site over your ears with comfort because no matter how cheap they are or how great the sound is if it feels like your ears are being crushed by them you wont use them.

The Razer Adaro thankfully have a great feel, the padding on the ear pieces is soft to the touch and also ample in amount, meaning it wont disappear with minimal use. Adjusting them to fit to your head is simple with a very no nonsense design of sliding them up and down. These don’t click like most others around but they also don’t slide around freely, meaning they wont move around on their own.

The headband that holds the two earpieces together is light, which is really important. But the quality of the padding does lose a few points here. While ample enough now, after some serious use the padding will most likely become hard and ridged giving you almost no protection to your head. But with the overall lightness of the headphones as a whole it may not be as big a problem as it might have been. In fact the entire unit clocks in at just under 170g which is impressively light. To compare it an iPhone 5s is only 112g  or the iPad Air which is around 470g depending on the model. So using these with your phone or tablet will not add anything major to what you are carrying around.

The other important factor for headphones is sound, and while when you get a new phone you are usually provided with a set of in-ear buds they are almost the barest of bones when it comes to comfort and sound. Thankfully the sound level that comes from the Adaro’s is impressive. While I could list the tech specs stating that the frequency response is 20 – 20,000 Hz for most people that means nothing. What I can tell you is that they sound great, in fact they are some of the best sounding headphones I have ever used.

Of course each user is different so I am basing all this of the default EQ settings, which all devices have. Not adding any extra bass, treble or such means this is the best sound that all will have and they don’t disappoint here. The bass that is provided is sufficient with enough of it to register to you but not to much that it feels like your head is being thumped around from both sides. Tweaking with the EQ settings of your preferred media playback device will take some time, but in all the changes I did, not once did my sound experience change.

The headphones also come with a very lengthy cable but not too lengthy that you spend more time dealing with it. The cord does not tangle very easily, in fact after several attempts to tangle it I failed. It is long enough to reach your pocket or backpack or if you are using it on a pc to sit a little ways back. The bright green nature of the cord might be a little much for some people, but it stands out in a dark backpack so it works out.

The cost of the Razer Adaro’s might be a little much for some, currently priced at $149.95 they fall to the more expensive side of headphones and without an in-line mic they probably wont replace the default ones from your phone just yet.

But if you are looking for a great set of cans for some amazing audio for those long commutes to work or anywhere else you are in luck. The Adaro’s look great, sound even better and the best bit, you will forget you are wearing them.


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