Presenting Your First Look at THE UNITED STATES OF MURDER INC. #1!

This May, the creators of the Eisner Award-winning Powers craft a brand new ongoing series exploring crime fiction like you’ve never seen before! From Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming comes your first look at the highly anticipated new creator-owned ICON series THE UNITED STATES OF MURDER INC. #1!

In this bold and oversized debut, discover a world in which organized crime runs rampant, the crime families never lost their stranglehold, and the five families hold on the United States is stronger than ever. On the day Valentine Gallo becomes a made man, he’ll also discover the sinister secrets behind the organization he’s devoted his entire life to. Secrets that will turn his life upside down! And just how do is it all connected to the mysterious hitwoman Jagger Rose?

“We have been working on this book for years,” says series writer Brian Michael Bendis. “We have been world building and workshopping and taking ideas out for a spin and we came up with a world as interesting to us as the one Mike and I brought to you in Powers.  We could not be more excited for its public debut.”

Launched in 2004, the ICON imprint is designed for top tier creators to tell their bold, creator-owned stories featuring their own characters and creations. The United States of Murder Inc. marks another exciting Brian Michael Bendis written series under the ICON imprint, including Powers, Takio, Scarlet and Brilliant.

Don’t miss the shocking secrets of this new world as they spill out in this explosive first issue! A bold new crime epic begins as Eisner Award Winners Bendis & Oeming explore their powerful vision of a new USA in May’s explosive debut of THE UNITED STATES OF MURDER INC. #1!


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