GameBoy Advanced Wii U Virtual Console Games Coming Soon

Nintendo Australia have now confirmed the local prices and dates.

Starting April 4th Wii U owners will be able to start building their GBA collection with

  • Advance Wars (AU$9.10 – NZ$11.90) is a critically acclaimed turn-based strategy game, in which you must lead your Commanding Officers to victory. Take control of ground, air and naval forces and face enemies across more than 100 battlefields, tackling a range of terrains and weather conditions.
  • Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (AU$9.10 – NZ$11.90), the first game in the Mario & Luigi series is a zany, action-filled role-playing game, which lets you control both of these stars simultaneously and take part in turn-based battles. Mario and Luigi must work together to explore the vast lands of the Beanbean Kingdom and defeat the evil witch who has stolen Princess Peach’s voice.
  • Metroid Fusion (AU$9.10 – NZ$11.90) offers classic bounty hunter, gun-toting action but with an added twist: hero Samus Aran has been attacked by a deadly parasite! Cured by Metroid DNA, Samus is bestowed with unique new powers, and sets out on a quest to hunt down and face the mysterious ‘SA-X’. Metroid Fusion combines an engaging original story with intense platform action in classic Metroid series style.

In the weeks to follow Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, Wario Ware Inc, F-Zero Maximum Velocoity, Golden Sun and Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Advance 3 will also be released.

Nintendo UK have listed the upcoming GameBoy Advance games coming to the Wii U Virtual Console service next month. No confirmation yet on our local games but one would assume they would be in line.


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