Moki’s new cam headphones offer great sound at an even greater price

Recently, I had the chance to attend the Australian Toy, Hobby and Nursery Fair which showcases all the cool toys, games and more coming to stores this year. One of the stands that stood out to me was Moki. 
For those not in the know Moki make a range of headphones and speakers that cover almost every use imagined. Well they had them almost all but they were lacking a set for PC Gamers, however now that’s not the case. The Cam series of headphones contains an inline mic. Priced at $39.99 these headphones use the same core technology from the other headphones in the range but now include that all important microphone. And if you are not keen on the colours below they also come in blue and pink styles.


Perhaps the best part is you can use them on any mobile device you choose. So no more painful cheap packed in headphones with your brand new mobile, now you can listen to your music in style. So if you are looking for some great headphones but at a value price then look no further. I will pick up a pair in stores now.


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