Godzilla takes over your home with the new range of action figures

At the recent Australian Toy, Hobby and Nursery Fair there were a great many things on show that could not be talked about thanks to embargoes. Thankfully one of them has since been lifted and I can share with you all some of the new range of toys coming out to celebrate the new Godzilla movie.

Perhaps the thing that interests me the most out of the range is the Chibi style Godzilla. Shown below the chibi style is around 2 inches tall, which is perfect for your home or work desk.

Next in the coolness factor is the Destruction City set. I mean lets face it, who has not wanted to build a city only to be able to destroy it at will with a giant monster.

Following that we have a range of Godzilla’s that have various actions. First up is Tail Strike. Press the button on his chest and watch the tail swat away anything that might attack from the rear.

Next is the Smash Strike, this time the button is on the tail and doing so causes Godzilla to go into a rampage of destruction thanks to some massive arm movements.

Finally, the last one Atomic Roar Godzilla lets you attack with untold power. Simply pulling up on the tail you will unleash Godzilla’s most powerful attack.

Be sure to check out the full range of action figures when they are in stores closer towards the end of the month.


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