CES 2014 – Razer Brings Modular to PC with Project Christine

Razer are at it again, announcing Project Christine, which is strange looking PC. Check out the blurb below from Engadget and hit up the link at the bottom for the full story.

Razer’s Project Fiona was all the talk of CES 2012 — it married console-like controls with a tablet form factor, and packed in real computing power to boot. At the time, CEO Min-Liang Tan was cagey about its retail availability; heck, it didn’t even have a product name at the time. By CES 2013, “Fiona” had become the Razer Edge, and Min’s tune changed from prototype talk to retail ready models.

At CES 2014, the cycle begins anew. Razer’s introducing Project Christine this morning as the show officially opens and thousands of people descend on the Las Vegas Convention Center. Like Fiona before it, Christine is an ambitious project from an ambitious company: a modular-computing initiative with a form factor space aliens would appreciate.

Beyond the news of what Project Christine is, we spent an hour with Razer’s passionate CEO and his support crew diving into what Christine means for the future of Razer, what they think it means for the future of PC gaming and how Christine will go from project to reality by next year.


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