Worlds Fastest Gaming Keyboard, The SteelSeries Apex Is Available Now‏

SYDNEY, Australia – 05 August, 2013 – SteelSeries, a worldwide leader in professional grade gaming peripherals, today announced the availability of the SteelSeries Apex Gaming Keyboard. Made up of beautiful form and carefully optimised functions, the SteelSeries Apex features unique enhancements to the keyboards layout from low-profile keys, specially designed raised macros rows for quick access, and multiple layers of customisation in colours and intensity.  The keyboard is available for $149.95

Active-Zone IlluminationThe SteelSeries Apex Gaming Keyboard goes beyond just choosing from 16.8 million colour options, it features SteelSeries Active-Zone illumination, a visual support tool that allows the user to independently customise colours – up to 8 levels of illumination intensity in each of its 5 zones – with up to 4 different customisable layers per zone. 

Enhanced Design & Optimised Layout
The Apex combines an adjusted layout with key enhancements that bring fluidity to the way the user moves around the keyboard. These enhancements include: 
•    Raised macro-keys along the top and left side, which provide faster and more precise macro-combinations.
•    The addition of two small tactile bumps on the W-key to provide a faster return to WASD.
•    Superior anti-ghosting that supports simultaneous key presses in 20 of the most used gaming keys on the Apex and Apex [RAW}.
•    An enlarged space bar and added directional keys that support features that improve comfort and reaction time.
•    A SteelSeries key that allows the user to easily adjust brightness and disable the Windows key with no software required.
•    Two swappable feet that allow the user to adjust the keyboard’s angle to what is most comfortable.

Superior Software
Powered by the SteelSeries Engine, the Apex can be completely remapped including the twenty-two macro keys found above the function keys and along the left side of the keyboard. With the capability to program up to four separate layers of the keyboard, users now have more than 500 keys for instant control, multiple layouts, profiles, and commands that they choose and customise for any game. 

For more information regarding the Apex and the rest of SteelSeries’ products, visit To get the latest news regarding the company and interact with like-minded gamers around the world, be sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter

About SteelSeries
SteelSeries is a leading manufacturer of top quality gaming peripherals from headsets, keyboards and mice to controllers, surfaces, and software. For more than a decade, SteelSeries has been on the forefront of designing and creating gear for competitive gamers. The company’s continued innovation also comes in collaboration with the world’s leading professional gaming teams and partners. SteelSeries is a global brand that continues to support the growth of competitive gaming tournaments and electronic sports leagues through professional team sponsorships, partnerships and community support. For more information, please visit


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