Attack On Titan – Joins the Madman Screening Room

I have been watching this series for a while now and I can tell you its epic. If you want to be blown away then you should watch this.

One of the most highly anticipated releases of the year, Madman is proud to announce the local premiere of Attack on Titan – now streaming Mondays on
Several hundred years ago, humanity was very nearly wiped from the Earth as they were hunted down by giant creatures known as Titans – beasts several stories tall who devour human beings for pleasure. The humans erected giant walls around their cities, which kept them safe until a colossal Titan – larger than any they’ve seen before – appears out of thin air and destroys their defences. When this destruction leads to the death of his mother, Eren Jaeger swears vengeance and an undying vow to hunt down and kill all Titans.
With its blistering action, relentless pacing and unpredictable storyline, the 25-episode post-apocalyptic series – which is animated by newcomers Wit Studio and helmed by the director of Death Note and High School of the Dead – has become THE hottest anime property across the globe.

Episodes 1-4 are available to view for free now on – with new double episodes being added each Monday.


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