PAX Australia 2013 – Freedom Fall takes what you thought you knew about video game Princesses and throws it out the window.

There are times when you see a game for the first time and you think to yourself that this is a game I need to play. Freedom Fall was one of those games for me.
Freedom Fall takes the traditional premise of a hero attempting to rescue the Princess and throws it out the window. In this game the Princess is a little more on the dark side, she wants to keep you in the tower. And to ensure that you stay she has equipped the tower with spike traps, giant spinning blades and lots of flames. But it’s is your fault if you fall into them.

Much like Super Meat Boy, there is a pattern that emerges from the game, and while it’s not instantly noticeable, you can see it if you take a moment to relax. The games creator Lisa Rye had spent years working on other peoples games, but kept thinking that there was a game she knew she had to make. “There was a certain type of game that I wanted to play but that I just couldn’t find … so to take things into my own hands and make the game I wanted to play.
Lisa spent around 7 months of her own time designing and prototyping the game, and then Stirfire Studios came to the party and helped kick the development into overdrive. So with over 2 years of development the game has entered the world. The game itself has gotten some great press already, and with Lisa and the team at PAX Australia right now, more and more people are getting to play this fantastic game. 
Lisa Rye, rocking out some awesome cosplay at PAX Aus
Freedom Fall is out now on many formats including iOS, Android, OUYA and Desura. There is also a Greenlight project on Steam for those that like Steam versions of their games.

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