PAX Australia 2013 – CM Storm take PAX Aus by storm

Coolermaster are on hand right now at PAX Australia, and they are show casing some of their great keyboards and mice, as well as some awesome cases.

One of the great keyboards is the Mech, and while its not out yet it was available for people to get hands on with. Sporting two USB 3.0 ports on the back, as well as headphone inputs you no longer need to get behind your pc to plug things in.

Coming out later this year and retailing for around $170 this is one keyboard to keep an eye out for.

Another set of keyboards they were showing where the ones above. Each of them were show casing a different colour set, but all of them sported some great features. Combining the arrow keys with the numerical keys you can get a full keyboard experience in a smaller form factor.

Another new item that they had on show was the new white series of items. Rocking this white case, its matched by the white mouse and white keyboard and headphones, a set that if complete would make your gaming setup just even more sweeter.

The final case was a custom job and it looks amazing. Check it out above


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