Otterbox Mobile Phone Case Review

Whenever you buy a new mobile phone there are usually a few questions that run through your mind. What apps should I get, what music should I place onto it and finally do i get a case or not.
Now if you’re like me, when you first get your phone you are paranoid about it falling out of your pocket, hitting the ground and scratching that shiny new screen, of course if you have a case on it, the worry is less. That’s where Otterbox come in.
New to the Australian scene, Otterbox have been making cases for over 10 years, and it shows in the quality of the design and the fantastic nature of the build. Holding the case in your hand shows that these guys know what they are doing and that it’s not a case for the sake of a quick buck.

The case that i was able to review was from their defender series and it has exceeded all my expectations that I had for it. To start off the case has hardened plastic around almost the entire frame of the case, the only space where its soft is where the buttons are and all the corners of the case are hard to help protect your phone from any drops.
The other great design aspect is that there is a large ridge around the top of the case that actual gives a small gap between the screen and whatever surface you might drop it on. Now at first I thought this might be an issue, but after a few days with it, the case never got in my way.

If you are looking for a case for your new phone, no matter what phone you have then you must look at Otterbox. They carry a range of cases that suit almost all models of phones, so check out their website for more details.

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