Nokia Lumia 925 – Out next week

Sydney, Australia – 8 July 2013.  The highly anticipated Nokia Lumia 925 arrives in Australia this month and will be available from Optus and Telstra, as well as all major retailers*.
The Nokia Lumia 925 will be available from retail stores from the 17th July, Telstra from the 30th July and Optus from the 1st August, with presale available with Optus online, in store and telesales from the 22nd July.
The Nokia Lumia 925 heralds the very best in imaging technology and design.
The PureView camera with Carl Zeiss lens enables you to capture clearer, sharper pictures and video, including the best low-light images. The camera also includes advanced image stabalising technology which reduces the camera shake so pictures do not appear blurry.
A new feature of the Lumia 925 is Nokia’s Smart Camera app allowing you to take 10 shots in quick succession with just one click.  You can then change people’s faces, remove any unwanted objects or combine all 10 images into one ‘Action Shot’ showing the subject in different stages of movement.  The Smart Camera app will be made available as an update to all Lumia Windows 8 smartphones.
To showcase the handset’s incredible low-light photography and Smart Camera features, top local photographer Daniel Boud shot a series of images on his own Nokia Lumia 925. 
The Nokia Lumia 925 is a light-weight smartphone with a beautiful, metal finish and polycarbonate back, which is available in white, black and grey.  A new AMOLED display offers superior brightness and sunlight performance so you can easily read the screen in bright sunlight.

Further screen improvements include Gorilla Glass 2 for extra protection, as well as the familiar ‘Super Sensitive Touch’ for using it with gloves or fingernails.
Nokia Australia’s managing director, Steve Lewis, said: “The Lumia 925 is undoubtedly Nokia’s best smartphone yet and we’re hugely encouraged by the interest in this device from our partners and consumers. 

“I believe that Nokia has reinforced its reputation as a major player in smartphone imaging, design and mapping and the Lumia 925 exemplifies the developments Nokia has made in these areas.”
The Nokia Lumia 925 also offers a variety of exclusive services such as Nokia Music for unlimited streaming of free music playlists.  The suite of integrated location and navigation services include HERE Drive+ and HERE Maps. Additionally, HERE Maps with augmented reality view is available in the Store for download. 
Other key features include:
·         Access to more than 145,000 apps  via the Windows Phone Store,  including Xbox branded games
·         The full integrated Office suite including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook.
·         A range of wireless charging covers, designed specifically for the Lumia 925, that adds the ability to charge wirelessly
Nokia’s latest high-end smartphone is compatible with all Australian networks including Telstra’s and Optus’ 4G networks and will retail with a RRP of AUD$699.

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