PAX Aus – Fractured Soul for PC expands on the 3DS release with new features

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Endgame Studios and check out the PC version if the Nintendo 3DS eShop hit Fractured Soul.

For those that don’t know Fractured Soul takes place on both screens of the 3DS, where the player character plays on both screens, but you can only interact with one screen at a time, with you having to switch between screens to interact with switches, platforms, ladders and enemies.

Now Endgame might not be a studio you are familiar with, but with Fractured Soul, they were able to bring their first original IP to the world, even if it did take the better part of 8 years. In that time, while working with other studios on a range of games for various platforms, the hope of bringing back the 2d platformer.
Now that the team have released the game, to critical acclaim, they are focusing on bring the game to PC, they have taken the time to make some changes to the game, that not only improve some small issues, but also add some new features, including a 2 player mode.

Grant Davies, the Managing Director of Endgame said that one of the biggest complaints they received was the game was just a little too difficult for some plays, so in order to help rectify that, they are adding a new Easy mode, which will give players more health, and longer par times for them. But adding an easy mode is not the only new additions.

Some small tweaks to the overall gameplay have made it easier for even advanced players to notice the swap between the planes, as playing on a pc is just one monitor. The health meter, which is located to the left of the action, will now slide from top to bottom, or vice versa to show which section of the game screen the player is controlling. And the player character will now phase in on the screen you have just switched too, providing another subtle indication of where you are.

Grant did mention that the two player mode, will have one player controlling the player on the top screen, with player 2 controlling the bottom screen. I did ask if it would set up that either player could just take control, the purpose is that you need to talk to each other as there are times when you’re jumping from one platform on the top screen, switching midair to the other screen so you can land on the platform there.

Coming off the back of a great showing with GDC and prepping for PAX Australia, the team are working hard to ensure that the PC version of Fractured Soul is as great as it can be. Check it out here on Steam Greenlight, vote it up and if you’re attending PAX Australia be sure to stop by the Australian Indie Showcase and give it a go.


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