E3 2013 – My Top 5 Moments from E3’s Press Events

Of course with E3 currently going on, there have been quite a large number of announcements that have shocked some, impressed others, or just outright floored everyone. Here are my top 5 moments from the E3 press events

Opening up a press conference is a big deal. So when you have what has been a Playstation only series open up the Xbox press event, you know its big. Of course it also helps that the game was amazing. Check out the video below to see it all in action.

Live demo’s are a tricky thing. For all the times they run without any issues, there are times when you have problems. So when you decide to do a live demo, you would normally want to minimize the risk, unless of course your showing off the 64 player multiplayer of Battlefield 4. Check it out

Going for a brand new IP two years in a row, Ubisoft have shown that they can deliver. Taking place in New York, where all good disasters have to happen it seems, you take part in a squad who heads out to seek resources and other items from the desolated world. Check out the gameplay debut below.

So in the past new console annoucments will come with many details, sometimes price is not one of them. To have both Microsoft and Sony announce the prices for both consoles was pretty cool. While some people might think Microsoft was a little high, it is still nice to know what we should expect to pay.

Nothing more to be said.

So what do you think of E3, what is the stand out moment for you.


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