Farcry 3 Blood Dragon 60 Second Review

Farcry 3 Blood Dragon lets you take control of a cyber-commando named Rex Colt Power, who is a one man killing machine set about killing everyone, and making the cheesiest remark at the same time.

Blood Dragon has been styled to look like tron went into a blender and every 80’s cliché joined it, but it somehow works. The art style is not overly complex, though it does have a massive reliance on neon colours. The neon does come into play when you locate the aforementioned Blood Dragons, showing their level of awareness of you. Green is good, red is not so good. The cutscenes in the game are played out in a super detailed 8 bit animation, with characters not moving at all, just floating about, as it would be if it was made back in the day.

Apart from the few select parts of actual 80’s music, the rest of it is serious 8-bit tunes, and they do fit well within the context of the world. Rex himself spouts more one liners then Duke Nukem, with some being quite funny, others not as much. The appeal wears out when you hear the same like sad multiple times in a row.  The characters that Rex interacts with are quite amusing on their own, with some great names such as Dr Darling.

The only problem people are going to have playing this game is that it’s not Farcry 3, its Farcry 3 lite. You can power into almost any fights without any real worry of dying, the world size is greatly reduced and even the side quests are limited. That being said it is still a great game, and worthy of your time.

Aside from some odd graphical issues, Farcry 3 Blood Dragon lets you take all those 80’s movies you remember and play along with them. This is Duke Nukem for the modern gamer, but when you play as Rex Colt Fury, you are playing as someone who is part man, part machine but all cyber-commando, and you can’t complain about that.


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