Battlefield 4 interview: DICE leaves technology behind

The team over at Eurogamer have sat down with Patrick Bach, the Battlefield man about why no multiplayer details, if its coming to Wii U, PS4 or the new Xbox

What has jumped out in terms of feedback to the gameplay trailer?
Patrick Bach: In general we are extremely overwhelmed with positivity, if you look at the big picture. Then what pops out is, we want more. Where’s multiplayer? That’s good, probably. It’s not good when people are upset, of course, but it’s good people are interested.
It’s part of the plan. We haven’t planned it that thoroughly from that perspective. It’s more like, what do we want to show first? Let’s show something that explains the whole game as much as possible. Playing multiplayer in front of people doesn’t give the audience the full picture. It’s more about ticking off: what is new with the engine? What is new with the feature set? What is new with how we handle weapons? What is new with vehicles? We tried to integrate everything into one demo. It turned out to be the opening of the single-player campaign.

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