Destiny – Bungies Next Game

Bungie have finally opened the lid on their next game “Destiny”

Earlier this week press from across the world sat down inside the studio’s in-house theatre to see perhaps the most anticipated game in development, but executives failed to pull the curtain back as we’d hoped they would. Developers took to the stage not to show off screenshots and gameplay footage, but to instead show concept art and describe the grand philosophy. As a glimpse at the post-apocalyptic future world the studio has been rehearsing since August 2009, it was as frustrating as it was tantalising – a bit like the first act of the Matrix, during which Morpheus tells Neo in his deep, knowing tone that you can’t be told what the Matrix is; you have to see it for yourself. Except right now it’s without the next two acts that let us see it for ourselves.

Check out the full story here


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