Anno 2070 Complete Edition Announced

Sydney, AUSTRALIA – January 23, 2013 –Ubisoft has announced ANNO 2070® Complete Edition for Windows PC. It contains the original game ANNO 2070®, the add-on ANNO 2070® Deep Ocean, previously released DLC, and exclusive premium content. ANNO 2070 Complete Edition is set for release on the 28th of March 2013.
Following up the award-winning strategy series, ANNO 2070 offers a new world full of challenges. Get in touch with one of the deepest economy systems featured in a city builder based on resources management, diplomacy and trade.

Exclusive premium content: 
·       The complete Anno 2070 Soundtrack
·       The updated Tree of Technologies poster
Unlocked DLC content:
·       The Development Package (2 bonus missions + Bonus portrait)
·       Keeper 1.0 Package : Construction plan + science formulas
·       Eden series package (Ornamental buildings & decorations)
·       Central Statistical Package: New building in Global Trust design + science formulas 
·       Crisis Response Package (2 new missions)
·       Distrust Series Package (Ornamental buildings & decorations)
·       Silent Running Package: New submarine in Global Trust design + science formulas
·       Nordamark series package: Ornemental buildings & decorations
·       E.V.E. package: Bonus portrait

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