60 Second Review – NintendoLand

Lets get this out of the way, Nintendoland is by no means the best ever looking game, it does a remarkable job of show casing the worlds of Nintendo whilst keeping a standard style through out. 

Each of the games falls into a few styles with the most prominent being the patchwork style. Each game’s style suits the game your playing, with some seeming like they could be real world games. Donkey Kong’s Crash Course is one such game, themed like building blocks glued to a blackboard seems like the kind of thing you could make.

This is the part where NintendoLand shines, with 12 different games, with various play styles and player limits each game is a blast to play. Team up to hunt a ghost in Luigi’s Ghost Mansion, with a similar feel to pacman, or take off in Metroid Blast, fight with your friends against waves of aliens or against them in standard a death match fare.

Playing each game introduces new ways to play, with the best I found being Yoshi’s Fruit Cart. It’s simple enough draw a line on the game pad to make Yoshi’s move, and collect the fruit and enter the gate. Simple right? Not so fast. You draw the line on the game pad, but the fruit is only shown on the tv, you need to keep looking back and forth to work out your best route.

Final thought

Each game offers that moment where you realise this is something different, no matter if its throwing ninja stars or a simple game of tag NintendoLand will surely surmise you at each turn.  So turn it on at your next party and watch the fun follow.


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