60 Second Review – New Super Mario Bros U.

New Super Mario Bros. U is not a huge departure from the format that has been set down since the first one on the Nintendo DS 6 years ago. And that’s neither good nor bad.


First thing you will notice is that they have changed up the story a little bit, rather that Peach being kidnapped; Mario is thrown from her castle as Bowser invades. It’s not a massive change, but its enough to make it seem fresh.  

The gameplay of NSMBU is the standard fare that we have all come to know and love from a 2D Mario game. Mario moves just as you would expect, and with the inclusion of the new Flying Squirrel Suit, can take to the skies, and cling to walls. The fire and ice flowers make a return as well, and that’s it. Excluding the star and the mushroom, the main game contains only three power ups, which is not a lot, but it’s enough for this plumber.

This is Mario’s first even foray into HD, and the team at Nintendo have made it seem that he was always there. The game looks amazing, from the animation of Mario and the assortment of enemies on the screen, to the way the game uses light in some levels and clouds in others. The game will not win any awards on the graphics side, and that’s ok. The game has a unique look, with bright colours and some catchy visual tricks that are sure to impress.

Final thoughts

If you are picking up a Wii U console and are not sure what to get, then by all means New Super Mario Bros. U would be a great addition, and with the inclusion of 5 player mayhem, you’re are sure to have a blast.

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