Sony’s 84inch LCD UDTV

Sydney, 30 August 2012 – Just when you thought Full HD was the best resolution you could watch in your lounge room at home, Sony announced it will deliver 4K resolution televisions to Australia.  With four times the resolution of Full HD, Sony’s impressive new 84” TV is another step change in home entertainment, revolutionising the way we watch TV. Described as ultra-definition TV (UDTV), it incorporates Sony’s market-leading picture technologies to provide the most immersive TV experience ever with a picture so stunning you can almost feel it. UDTV represents the next evolution in TV technology.
“Just as the transition from standard definition to high definition improved the quality of our at-home entertainment experience, the move to 4K or UDTV will provide another leap in what we can expect to enjoy in our own lounge rooms,” said Hass Mahdi, Marketing Manager for Home Entertainment at Sony Australia. The 4K TV marks our biggest TV launch to date. The combination of Sony’s 4K broadcast expertise and our extensive history in TV innovation has resulted in the creation of this 84” beauty. It’s a must-want for those who like to be at the very cutting edge of technology – who demand the very best.”
Immerse yourself with powerful, high resolution large-screen picture
Equipped with 4K X-Reality PRO and a 4K LCD panel comprising over 8 million megapixels, the TV provides an incredible four times the resolution of Full HD standard. This formidable combination seamlessly delivers a high-resolution large-screen picture with powerful sound to provide you with an immersive experience, unlike anything offered by conventional televisions.
The high picture quality engine is capable of taking a variety of content with different resolutions, such as HD footage from digital broadcasts or Blu-ray discs, and reproducing it in stunningly crisp, high-quality images with 4K resolution. In addition, enjoy 3D footage in high picture quality with 4K X-Reality PRO super-resolution processing.
The impact of the size of the 4K TV is incomprehensible as while the screen itself is a huge 84-inches, you can actually sit closer to the screen for a remarkably lifelike experience. The phenomenally high resolution (3840 x 2160) allows viewers to sit as close to the screen as half the distance[1] required when viewing Full HD (for which three times the screen height is recommended) without being concerned by the pixels.
The UDTV’s beautiful, large high-resolution screen and powerful sound provide you with an immersive experience comparable to being at a live entertainment venue or in a movie theatre. The viewing environment created by Sony’s 4KTV is impeccable and unparalleled to anything seen on a television screen before.  
Powerful sound
The new UDTV is packed with Sony’s independent technologies, from its signal processing through to its speakers, and its ‘signal to sound architecture’ delivers powerful sound quality. This three-way 10-speaker system (total output 50W) is arranged at the sides of the UDTV directly facing the viewing position, and is optimised for large-screen TVs.  It achieves a powerful sound with position-orienting tones, from deep bass through to medium range and high notes[2].
The Sony 84-inch UDTV will be available in Australia by the end of this year (2012).


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