Sony unleash a new range of Windows 8 Pc’s

Vaio Duo 11
Sydney, 30 August 2012 – The new VAIO line-up from Sony puts touch right at the heart of your personal computing experience. Purpose built to make the most of the new Windows 8 interface, Sony’s industry-leading touch range includes the VAIO Duo 11, Tap 20, T Series 13, E Series 14 and L Series.
Showcasing the power of Windows 8, the brand new VAIO models make work and play beautifully intuitive – whether you’re relaxing at home or on the move. Stylish notebooks, an innovative slider hybrid, a family-friendly PC and an elegant Ultrabook, make up the 10-point multi-touch screens in the new VAIO collection.
“Windows 8 is a significant step change for personal computing, and this new operating system has allowed Sony to do what we do best with our VAIO range – focus on design, performance and the user experience,” said Jun Yoon, Marketing Manager of VAIO, Sony Australia. “With new ways to combine work and play, each of our new VAIO touch models have been built to make it easy to switch from a productive work day to pure entertainment.”
“It’s great to see Sony embracing touch on their upcoming Windows 8 PCs,” said Nick Parker, Corporate Vice President, OEM Division, Microsoft.  “The engineering partnership between Microsoft and Sony combined with their innovative new hardware designs will bring rich new touch experiences to customers including interactive applications, family computing and mobile productivity.”
  • Surf Slider™ design transforms from a full-function Ultrabook™ PC into a tablet operating mode for on-the-go computing
  • Slim and light: weighs approximately 1.3kg and under 18mm thin
  • 29.4cm (11.6”) wide view Full HD touchscreen
  • Digital stylus allows you to write with the precision of a pen
  • Hand-built in Japan with quality craftsmanship that only Sony can deliver
Sony redefines the portable PC experience with the new VAIO™ Duo 11 which is a high-performance, hybrid Ultrabook with a sliding LCD display that switches effortlessly between slate and keyboard mode.
Pick up the VAIOTM Duo 11 in one hand and use in tablet mode to browse the web or enjoy music and videos while you’re travelling. In the office, slide out the keyboard and maximise your productivity with a fully-featured PC powered by the latest 3rdgeneration Intel® Core™ processors.
The VAIOTM Duo 11 puts touch and handwriting right at the heart of your Windows 8 computing experience. Write, sketch and interact with media and applications on the responsive, touch capable, super-bright, and Full HD OptiContrast™ Panel. A unique pressure-sensitive digitial stylus gives the satisfying, expressive feel of handwriting directly on the touchscreen. Make notes, sketch diagrams or highlight key points on your PowerPoint presentation with accuracy and speed. Smart text recognition even lets you quickly convert handwritten notes to text for easy archiving and searches.
Despite its compact size, the VAIOTMDuo 11 is ready for business use with a full complement of ports and interfaces including Bluetooth® Smart Ready, USB 3.0, HDMI, Ethernet, VGA video ports and NFC. You won’t be slowed down when you’re in a hurry with Quick Boot that gets you up and running in seconds. When you need a break, the VAIOTM Duo 11 powers down into a deep energy-saving sleep mode, keeping your documents safe and with RapidWake + Eco, everything’s ready for instant wake-up, just as you left off.
  • New-style PC for the entire family with multi-touch panel
  • Unique adjustable stand for comfortable computing in any position: lay-flat, tilting or desktop-style
  • Unique multi-user apps such as Family Paint which lets two people draw and sketch simultaneously from opposite sides of the large 20 inch multi-touch screen
  • Built-in battery gives portability around the home

Marrying the tablet and conventional desktop PC, the new VAIO™ Tap 20 from Sony transforms home computing into a fun, engaging experience. Featuring a large, fully-adjustable 20” touchscreen and integrated battery, the VAIO™ Tap 20 offers new usage opportunities for individuals as well as the entire family.
The versatile VAIOTM Tap 20 is designed to leverage the intuitive ease of Windows 8, opening up exciting new possibilities to interact with apps and your media collection.
The portable, battery-powered VAIOTMTap 20 fits right into any living space from bedrooms and kids’ play areas to the kitchen or garden. Lay it flat on a coffee table and let everyone join in using the large multi-touch screen. Flip out the in-built stand and tilt the VAIOTM Tap 20 at a comfortable angle for ‘lean back’ photo and movie editing by touch, or stand it upright and use as a fully-functioning desktop PC. It’s easy to work on documents, surf the web or check emails with the supplied wireless keyboard and mouse.
The 20” IPS LCD panel offers clear, bright images with a wide viewing angle, while the responsive 10-point multi-touch operation which lets all the family join in simultaneously with multi-player games. Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 by Sony ensures crisp, natural movie viewing with fine details and fluid on-screen movement.
The VAIOTM Tap 20 also comes with a choice of pre-installed apps that are optimised for the powerful multi-touch capabilities of Microsoft Windows 8.
Both the VAIOTM Duo 11 and VAIOTMCap 20 provide rich networked entertainment experiences. Both are one of the first PC’s to incorporate Near Field Technology (NFC), through Sony’s One-touch function, you can easily and instantaneously enjoy your music and photos across an array of NFC enabled Sony devices. Simply touch one to another and instantly establish a wireless connection without the need for any Bluetooth or Wi-Fi set up. This means that you can continue listening to music stored on your VAIO through your Bluetooth® headphones or speakers, with One-touch. You can also enjoy access to millions of songs and themed radio channels at any time via Sony Entertainment Network’s Music Unlimited service.
The rest of Sony’s new range of touch-enabled VAIO PCs:
VAIOTM T Series 13
  • The VAIO T Series 13 features premium materials including magnesium and aluminium
  • Now touch-enabled, this stylish Ultrabook teams a responsive 13.3″ touchscreen with the latest-generation Intel® Core™ processors and speedy SSD storage
  • Work and entertain easily and intuitively by scrolling effortlessly through web pages, navigating documents and exploring your media collection – all enhanced by the supple touch experience of Windows 8
  • Be even more efficient with Rapid Wake + Eco, simply open the notebook lid and you’re up and running in seconds
VAIOTM E Series 14
  • Touch comes to the smart, easy-to-use VAIO E Series
  • Enjoy games, applications and your media collection on the 14” touchscreen, there’s no bezel around the full flush screen, enhancing its premium looks
  • With the latest Intel® processors, generous storage and smooth graphics, there’s all the power you need to breeze through the day
  • Signature styling features including a soft-edged ‘wraparound’ design in silver with distinctive purple accents and a diamond-cut VAIO logo on the aluminium display lid
  • Touch enhances your ultimate all-in-one computing experience with new VAIO L Series
  • Thanks to the X-Reality processing engine found inside BRAVIA TVs, you’ll enjoy impressively clear, natural pictures on the beautiful 24” multi-touchscreen
  • For an even more satisfying entertainment experience, S-Force Front Surround 3D assures room-filling audio from the 2.1 ch speaker system with dedicated subwoofer. Selected models feature latest-generation ‘glasses-free’ 3D technology
  • You don’t need glasses to enjoy 3D-ready apps like PlayMemories Home and 3D Family Paint. You can also touch a button to instantly convert Blu-ray Disc™ and other 2D video content to 3D*.
The new range of touch-enabled VAIO PCs from Sony are available in Australia from the end of October 2012. Register your interest at ensure you are first to find out more details.
*On 3D enabled model only 

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