Mamma Mia… that’a a lot of rumors

Someone has gone and done the near impossible, they have collected as many Wii U rumors as they could and put them in a nice and easy to read list.

IGN Board member,  has compiled a list of the rumors. Below are the first few, hit up the link for the remaining 86. Thats right there are 90 rumors on this list.

  1. Wii U to not feature hard-drive, instead to sport 8GB flash memory.
  2. Wii U to feature “HD” virtual console, select “classic” games to be re-mastered in HD.
  3. Nintendo to allow select GameCube titles to “be downloaded from WiiWare” onto Wii U, comes from NintendoGal interview with Amber McCollom, E&T director at NoA.
  4. Project Offset to be revived as Wii U exclusive, I.P. picked up by Nintendo.

Click here for more



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