The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition – Review

Given that remasters or special editions are all the rage right now, it was kind of inevitable that Skyrim would not get one, seeing as it was one of the biggest games of last generation, but does this special edition of the game deserve a second look.

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Rainbow Six Gets Ready To Go Oriental

Ubisoft have announced that Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is getting another update, Operation Red Crow. In line with the studio’s commitment to provide new post-launch content for the game and complete the Year One road map, this content update introduces a free new map and new gameplay features. Once again two new Operators will be available for Season Pass holders on November 17 and for all players on November 24. The new map, Skyscraper takes place high above the streets of Nagoya, Japan, where Operators have to neutralize an organized crime threat within a Yakuza-filled mansion. Two Japanese Special … Continue reading Rainbow Six Gets Ready To Go Oriental

Meet The New Magical Heroes Of Lego Dimensions

Warner Bros and Lego, once again invite you to Meet The Heroes, of Lego Dimensions, this time hosted by Gandalf The Grey, as he introduces you to Newt Scamander, star of the new movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. You can journey back into the world of Harry Potter when the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Level Pack releases on November 18 Continue reading Meet The New Magical Heroes Of Lego Dimensions

Steep Gives Out Details For Season Pass

Ubisoft has added markers to the bunny slopes for all players, ahead of the release of Steep next month. First up is the 101 trailer, giving players the low down on just what Steep is and what players can expect. Secondly is that details have been released for the Season Pass that players can purchase, to add additional depth to the game. The pass can be bought on its own for $29.95, but each content pack will be purchasable on its own if you want as well. Three major content Packs included in the Season Pass will be released over … Continue reading Steep Gives Out Details For Season Pass

Relive The Past With Nintendo Classic Mini

They say that everything old is eventually new again and today proves that with the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Mini, or the NES Mini for short. This little system lets you play 30 classic NES titles, across a range of genres. The Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System features 30 titles from Nintendo’s iconic NES console such as Donkey Kong, Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, and Super Mario Bros. 3. Each title can be displayed at 60Hz via the included HDMI cable. Players can display the action in the 4:3 aspect ratio used by the original NES … Continue reading Relive The Past With Nintendo Classic Mini

PlayStation 4 Pro Out Now

Today is the day, the PlayStation 4 Pro console is now available and is set to deliver to players, richer looking games and more detailed than ever before. “The launch of PS4 Pro is an immensely exciting moment for PlayStation. Never before have we introduced a new console in the middle of a platform’s lifecycle,” said Jim Ryan, President of SIEE and President of Global Sales & Marketing, SIE “By providing developers with a new way to showcase their creativity, PS4 Pro enables us to prove our commitment to innovation, as well as deliver captivating gameplay experiences for the players.” … Continue reading PlayStation 4 Pro Out Now

Overwatch Gets A Free Weekend For All

Blizzard, proving again they know how to win a crowd, have announced that this weekend, from 6am on November 19, til November 21, will be able to play Overwatch for free, regardless of your platform. For this free weekend, we’re making Overwatch’s full roster of 22 heroes and 13 maps available for play in a variety of modes, including Quick Play, Custom Games, and the latest Weekly Brawl. Players will also have the ability to level up, earn Loot Boxes, and unlock a variety of different customization options.(Plus, if you decide to purchase a copy of Overwatch after test driving … Continue reading Overwatch Gets A Free Weekend For All